DIY Idea: Low-tech VR without VR headset

At first I imagined how hi-res cameras could track head movement & dilating irises of eyes but that would take up too much CPU space for current hardware to clean tacking images & calculate in real-time. Next I realized current Playstation specs would work. Then I tried to generalize the idea for more than just PlayStation hardware. This resulted in wrapping neon tape around the sides of glasses to monitor. The length of color along the glasses can indicate which direction the face is turning. The troublesome part of this is it not only relies on the size of the … Continue reading DIY Idea: Low-tech VR without VR headset

Self-growth therapy/monitor tool idea: “Heedful list”

This idea is a result of my constant tweetings of “Allow yourself to feel other emotions” in a effort to help folks out of a emotional funk. A “Heedful List” is a very simple daily or weekly journal tool. In one column you list all the emotions you can remember that you Allowed yourself to feel. Meaning, there was a event that corresponded with specific emotions and you allowed yourself to feel those emotions during that time. The second column is a list of emotions that you were given a chance to but didn’t let yourself feel. Meaning you had … Continue reading Self-growth therapy/monitor tool idea: “Heedful list”

Quote END TIMES end quote.

Unless all of the earth is on fire, plagues have taken all of life, & the universe is drowning the atmosphere in radiation, it is not the end times. It is just the transition of a new definition of Consideration(AKA respect & authority). The economics of war & peace can be boiled down to two different marketable resources. Respect & Authority. How a culture defines itself can be drawn by how a culture markets Respect & Authority. Every econimic structure relies heavily on these social structures of Considerations. So each time there is a new introduction to what is defined … Continue reading Quote END TIMES end quote.