Quote END TIMES end quote.

Unless all of the earth is on fire, plagues have taken all of life, & the universe is drowning the atmosphere in radiation, it is not the end times. It is just the transition of a new definition of Consideration(AKA respect & authority).

The economics of war & peace can be boiled down to two different marketable resources. Respect & Authority. How a culture defines itself can be drawn by how a culture markets Respect & Authority.

Every econimic structure relies heavily on these social structures of Considerations. So each time there is a new introduction to what is defined as consideration, a lot of folks throw temper tantrums because they think it is a devalue of social transactions. When in reality the inflation of Considerations is a balancing of the books. Allowing for investments in markets often overlooked & aggressively undervalued.

So when someone says the Considerations of other people of different race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion will bring about the End Times, just know what they are really trying to say “These changes of consideration will cut into the profits of my EGO investment portfolio.”

Maybe they shouldn’t have invested so much in being an asshole.


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