Self-growth therapy/monitor tool idea: “Heedful list”

This idea is a result of my constant tweetings of “Allow yourself to feel other emotions” in a effort to help folks out of a emotional funk.

A “Heedful List” is a very simple daily or weekly journal tool.

In one column you list all the emotions you can remember that you Allowed yourself to feel. Meaning, there was a event that corresponded with specific emotions and you allowed yourself to feel those emotions during that time.

The second column is a list of emotions that you were given a chance to but didn’t let yourself feel. Meaning you had avoided, disavowed, suppressed, and let other emotions talk yourself out of feeling those emotions.

A heedful list example

Reason why I believe in this exercise is it promotes and opens up a mindfulness of one’s own emotions

Now I know this can be interpreted as a exercise to act on every emotion but it is not. Letting yourself feel and work through emotions, (most of us say we feel one emotion at a time, but that’s not true) and acting on emotions can be two different things.

Wheel of Emotion

I hope this journal tool idea can help themselves be available to feel more then a hand full of emotions.

I can envision this as a single-serving website, a tracker app, and a physical journal.


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