Mighterbump (ˈmīdər-bəmp) noun, a online alias used to distinguish one specific Matthew Taylor from the hundreds of Matthew Taylors online.

Matthew (A.K.A. Mighterbump) is a wishful artist & a feral daydreamer. He often has a compulsion to post ideas on Twitter & tries to offer advice, if it is not a questionably funny/snarky reply. Matt is married & his current job is at a hotel in Milwaukee, WI. Of the many projects, Matt uses his free time to regularly updated Free Plasticity (Worksheet Link) & his irregularly updated WebComic (WebComic Link).

Matt has invested a large portion of his attention studying the business of comics & webcomics.

You can most likely reach Matthew on Twitter (Twitter Link). ..but you can try to reach one of his email accounts with just Mighterbump@ gmail .com.

Matthew also has a Patreon (Patreon Link) set up for those who would like to help out.

Or make a PayPal donation to Free Plasticity (PayPal.Me Link).


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