Mighterbump (ˈmīdər-bəmp) noun, a online alias that is used to distinguish one specific Matthew Taylor from the hundreds of talented other Matthew Taylors online.

Matthew Taylor

Matthew O. D. Taylor (A.K.A. Mighterbump) is a wishful artist & a feral daydreamer. He often has a compulsion to post ideas on Twitter & tries to offer advice. Matt is married to his soulmate & his current job is at a hotel in Milwaukee, WI USA.

Of the many projects on his mind, Matt uses his free time to regularly makes fractal art that are designed to be similar to inkblots called “Frakblots”, he sometimes records a podcast with his wife Mrs.Mighterbump called “Pitching Ideas With Wifey”(Apple podcast player or Castbox player), he also irregularly produces a free educational worksheet called “Free Plasticity”(Worksheet Link), & sometimes attempts to have a webcomic(WebComic Link).

Between all of these things, Matt is currently writing a book on creativity.

You can most likely reach Matthew on Twitter (Twitter Link). ..but you can try to reach one of his email accounts with just Mighterbump@ gmail .com.

Matthew also has a Patreon (Patreon Link) set up for those who would like to help out.

Or make a PayPal donation to Free Plasticity (PayPal.Me Link).

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