Digital Downloads

Here are some free and not-so-free digital downloads. Most of the downloads are on my Gumroad store but I will also link items that you can get from my dropbox too. Some of the items on Gumroad are “Pay-What-You-Want” meaning that you can download them for free but you can also use the shopping cart to help me out with any donations.


Gumroad items

Lullify – Relaxing/sleeptime loop track

Promptzee – Blank printout page for written prompts selected with dice

Random Art Prompt printout – Use dice to select a random art prompt

Dropbox items

Nothing yet…


Gumroad items

June 2017 – 31 Frakblot Images pack – $4

July 2017 – 32 Frakblot Images pack – $4

August & September 2017 – 27 Frakblot Images pack – $2

October to December 2017 – 20 Frackblot Images pack – $2

January 2018 – 30 Frakblot Images pack – $4