Things I am Proud of Page

This page is all the achievements and things I am proud of but don’t have room for in a portolio or resume.


A kind of useless equation I created in 2008 all by myself while I was in class to get a G.E.D.

The function is not to solve a problem but point out the difference between two consecutive whole square numbers. You can replace “X” with any whole number.

Here is an example of what I mean:

(x+1)^2=(x . x)+(x+x+1)


(5+1)^2=(5 . 5)+(5+5+1)




As you can see from the example above that the sum differences between 5^2 and 6^2 is 11.

Another exmple:

(x+1)^2=(x . x)+(x+x+1)


(9+1)^2=(9 . 9)+(9+9+1)




I made a index card to mark my discovery and uploaded it to deviantART but I thought it was too boring at the time so I drew a scene of streetpoles coming to life and attacking the neighborhood in the background.

Crystal Chest

I did volunteering work with a online game website called PhantasyRPG to (at the time I thought) try to get a foot in the game industry. While I was able to make some pixel animation, environmental map tiles, and discuss game aspects, life swallowed up my time. But as I was trying to make time and create for them again, I thought of a unique treasure chest in 2014 while I was exploring creating 2D objects with 3d rendering(save time on rotating pixel animation).

It’s called a Crystal Chest. The main focus is that only magic users can access the items inside the chest. The treasure chest itself is made from a large crystal and once the magical lock is open, anything that is placed into the crystal becomes apart of the crystal. So if someone tries to break the crystal to get at the items inside, they esencially break the crystal-infused items also. Game mechanics-wise a crystal chest would then create a skill barrier for low-to-middle level thieves and non-magic players.


Cawm is a wiccan spell book that my mother wrote and I illustrated. The intention of the book was to provide spells that could be incorperated into, not replacing, the daily rut and habits to develop a ease of mind. The word Cawm comes from the acronym of the four people that were going to be involved with the content of the book.

I even developed the unique series of runes that could be used for scrying and to be used for a spell’s focus point for this book.


I made a music album in 2004 from the late, great PS2 game called MTV Music Generator 2. The album was called I.N.T.M.(I need the money) and it was a loose concotion of music riffs that formed what I could closely define as Techno/Industrial. I released it on my Cafepress store and sold none.

After 12 years, I found the original computer files and put the album in a zip file. I have it up digitally in my gumroad store.

My wife

She’s great.

Hitting 100+ ideas on my Pitching Ideas With Wifey Podcast

I managed to tell the ONE HUNDREDTH idea to my wife in our 17th podcast episode of Pitching Ideas With Wifey.

Free Plasticity

This started off as a monumentous idea to make educational worksheet as a free community newspaper or get educational worksheets in newspapers but because of limitations I started making my own educational worksheet in microsoft word. I posted for a while before my job decided, since I was the only person who didn’t leave, to give me more responsibilities. I hope to make more after I figure out how to automate the production and QA-puzzle process a little faster.


A spacial pattern puzzle I created for FreePlasticity where you circle the box that would bring the area numbers down to zero without going below zero.

Math Scales

I wanted to make exercise where someone could learn to read music sheets in FreePlasticity. Math Scales is one-part cryptography/one-part reading music sheet learning. A series of simple math problems where you have to figure out which musical note is which number to get the sum by replacing the musical note with their corrisponding letter and then match the letter with the corrisponding number. ( G-scale )

After much consideration and talking with random people during my 10years of delivering newspapers for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, I figured the target audience that would do the most good with a free educational worksheet is for people aged 14 and up. Bewteen the ages of 13 to 20, drop out is high for those that don’t see the education they are being taught creating oppertunities or improving the lives of those around them. Especially now where automation is making it easier for people drop out of high school and jump right into the labor force, making the later years of high school unnecessary for those that need to help bring in money for their family.

ASTRISK Describing an action as a sound effect ASTRISK

I know this is dumb and not really an achievement but I like to believe that I helped paved a little bit of the road for communication on the internet.

In 2012, I tweeted a simple formate for using special characters in a tweet to add narrative functions. I can NOT say that people saw what I did and go “I need to do what this guys is doing”. Hell no. I understand that what I put on that tweet was not a dry cut of what is happening today and a lot of people are just using special characters as narrative modifiers because it’s just what is available at the time.

*Is damn proud of something*

(oh and while using a colon symbol for the function “[word]:[dialog]” was coined in the StarWars game to help give droids the illusion of voical tones, I am totally claiming the function of prefixing a tweet with “Idea:” & “Concept:”. ‘Cause I know I did that before anyone else.)