Self-growth therapy/monitor tool idea: “Heedful list”

This idea is a result of my constant tweetings of “Allow yourself to feel other emotions” in a effort to help folks out of a emotional funk. A “Heedful List” is a very simple daily or weekly journal tool.  In one column you list all the emotions you can remember that you Allowed yourself to feel. Meaning, there was a event that corresponded with specific emotions and you allowed yourself to feel those emotions during that time. The second column is a list of emotions that you were given a chance to but didn’t let yourself feel. Meaning you had … Continue reading Self-growth therapy/monitor tool idea: “Heedful list”

Quote END TIMES end quote.

​Unless all of the earth is on fire, plagues have taken all of life, & the universe is drowning the atmosphere in radiation, it is not the end times. It is just the transition of a new definition of Consideration(AKA respect & authority). The economics of war & peace can be boiled down to two different marketable resources. Respect & Authority. How a culture defines itself can be drawn by how a culture markets Respect & Authority. Every econimic structure relies heavily on these social structures of Considerations. So each time there is a new introduction to what is defined … Continue reading Quote END TIMES end quote.