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This website is where is a central hub for most of the content I make. Here are some links to other platforms if you want to donate, buy some items, or contact me.

All donations and purchases are greatly appreciated!

Here are some things I have made!

Wrinkles the card game

Wrinkles the card game

Wrinkles the card game is a card deck of fractal inkblots called Frakblots. These abstract artworks a perfect for playing with a group of people or by yourself as a creativity tool. Each box set has 76 unique playing cards.

The Listening Playlist

The Listening Playlist board game

The Listening Playlist is a board game where all the players improvise being a podcast host of different genres of podcasting for 3 minutes at a time as they move across the board.


Deck-a-Dungeon poker deck

This poker deck has simple 17mm squares on the background instead of the usual pips. Most of the cards have different variation of pathways that can be used for dungeon crawl maps when the cards are placed side-by-side each other. This deck is great for impromptu games with both roleplaying and non-roleplaying friends, or extra help in planning out new maps. The deck also has a 5th suit of cards that I’ve created called “Ane” for more map variations and to mix it up with new potential card games.

Vist this website’s page for Deck-a-Dungeon (There are links to other decks for dungeon maps.)

Free Plasticity

Free Plasticity worksheets

Free Plasticity is a series of educational and creativity worksheets that I make available for free online.

Coming Soon…

Other things I am finishing up when I have time….

Thing – Board game: Space!

Thing – Card deck: Ane

Thing – Wrinkles: Green box set

Thing – Wrinkles: Black box set

Thing – Game: Dungeoninoes

Thing – Puzzle: Flatland

Thing – Kidlit Story: Seeking Perfectionism

Thing – Kidlit Story: Anxious Bolder

Thing – Scifi/Terror story Story: Timebox

Thing – Scifi/Philosophy Story: At the edge of a blackhole

Thing – Selfhelp-ish Book: Of Least Expectations

Thing – Videos?