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Attempts to squeeze ethereal brain thoughts into words.

Entry:’Djinn Capybara’ by Joel Carroll & Andi Ewington

Originally posted on HalphHalph:
Artist: Joel Carroll ( Shop: Twitter: @JoelCarroll Writer: Andi Ewington ( Andi Ewington is a writer who has written numerous comic titles including Forty-Five45, Campains…

Free Plasticity – Coming back October

This was originally posted July 30, 2020 on . Hey, Matt Taylor(Mighterbump) here. Free Plasticity is going to come back October 2020. I have been able to streamline the […]

Frakblot – Sunglasses

Apophysis Saved file name: 190617-15.flame Frakblot name: “Sunglasses” Date made: 10/10/2019 Original file dimension: 12360×5147 pixels Thumbnail(above) dimension: 750×312 pixels deviantART link: N/A Patreon post: Downloadable file dimensions: 3090×1287 […]