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Things that vibrate the air

PIWW Podcast #21: Seven more

Episode 21: "Seven more", Three VR ideas, addition to the @Notebloc App, video series idea, a recycling debate, & manufacturing idea.  •Castbox –•Patreon – — Pitching Ideas With […]

PIWW Podcast #20: New-Year/New-You

Episode 20: "New-Year/New-You"3 ideas to help people develop themselves in the new year. …Which wifey thinks it's silly to rely on the concept of time to motivate yourself to establish […]

PIWW Podcast #18: Another Episode

WHOOPS @Mighterbump forgot to post episodes 18 & 19 to Twitter. Episode 18: Another EpisodeJumping back into making a podcast after a 5 week smorgasboard of —bleh—😑 to pitch two […]