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Category: Audio

Things that vibrate the air

PIWW #12: Smart Watch

Pitching Ideas With Wifey #12: Smart Watch Wifey & I talk about a few smart watch ideas, answer some Ask. fm questions, & then awkward marriage topics. WARNING: Poor audio quality (and talk of sex)

PIWW #11: Airplane

Wifey & I redo the episode about airport ideas because the first recording was a dry & thorny conversation. We also talk more about love & dealing with podcasting.

PIWW #10.5: “Not a real episode”

A unchecked, posted raw recording of my Wifey unloading her thoughts into the phone as we walk to the store. I started recording because I wanted to distract Wifey from her pain.

PIWW #10: Theories

Wifey & I talk about some of the theories that I have about forgetting small things, what is science, & the '2 failures' rule for start-ups. She then tells me about some of her invented fetishes, we answer some more random questions, & then try simplifying the definition of what is a credit score.

INTM rerelease

I rereleased the digital version an old album that I self-published in 2004 on @Gumroad. I Need The Money.

Music – Lullify

I created this track to help me fall asleep. The audio was created on Caustic 3 app. Download this track from Gumroad: