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Parallel Games Idea

I told a friend that I can’t wait for a time when you can play a App mini game that can be used towards a platform/main game. Like leveling a pet on a phone or tablet then uploading it into the main platform game. Or extra game money marketing or extra story dialog on the app game that can effect your main game.

Example of add-game apps:
– EVE online trading & stock marketing app
-Monsters (that are summoned in main game) battle arena for leveling.
-Main Game’s mock School class lessons for bonus character attributes and bonus story dialogs for getting good grades in the game’s school.
-“Side character quests”, characters-not-in-the-party play seperate and low budget part of the game for their own backstory but can unlock areas and items in the main game.
-Training Camp of individual sports game players on the app to enhance that player’s stats in the main game.
-Drone Pilot as a FPS mini game, but also can pilot a drone in main game as a co-op player online&offline.

Bonus variation: Gameplay Apps that could affect the story of a webcast &/or broadcast show pending each app’s update version.(think something like SGU activating a fleets of small robot fighterships that the players can contol on their own mission for searching for other ships away from the main show ship. Everything they do could effect how other things play out on the main show ship after a amount of time.)

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