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.@Twitter’s Underused DM potential idea:

Creating the API to expand for making “Buttons” in DMs of twitter would create a simplier & smoother experience of passing digital transactions, all the while placing a layer of security on said transactions.

An conceptual view of connection

Source code wise, each button on the receiving-end would be just a authorization/verification code to the third-party’s website.
While I had a general concept of the UX, I simplified the imagined layout of how a person would create a DM button.

Concept of how the Button would look on a mobile phone

While services like Paypal(★) would need both parties to have an account, services like Dropbox would be just like a private/invited-guest URL link.

Even eCommerce services could be able to create private sale codes.

(★ expanded idea: a service that holds a monetary-claiming transaction on a secure page for a period of time. Thinking USD$1 fee per-transaction. gives back transaction amount if unclaimed by deadline.)

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