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Rant: Thank you, internet. The world is going to hell, now.

The world has always been allowed to be complicated. If I was the type of person who was told that eveyone should be following a consitent set of rules, I would totally believe that the world is going to hell thanks to the internet.

Yes, the world is changing. Yes, it will be at a different pace. Yes, there still is a chance that shit will hit the fan. No, the creation of the internet is not at fault. The creation of the internet just allows more documentation of injustices and privilege than what was allowed to pass through more news filters than in previous centuries.

I am trying to explain that the issue we all see today are not all new issues, the majority of these issues were just filtered out when it came to how important they were to share with other news outlets. Localized cognitive bias are at the heart of the issues that are overlooked, brushed over, maginalized, or inflated depending on the social structure of a area that a person grows up in. It is just like how a region handles economics (and they are also tied to economic) but with information and social connections.

Now before the internet, every town, village, city, state, and so forth passed along information depending on how important it was to share that information. Basic stuff. Cultural holidays, types of crime, world events, tourism events, and such had limited time space and printing budgets, news outlets could not air everything. So news members had to filter out what information stands out from the norm and what normal information should stand out. This gave cretain information a value depend on who gave it value.

And becasue most of the news at that time was made up of certain types of people with certain types of investments in a cultural ideal, you can see that a lot of moments that could have be put in the news was not seen as valuable news.

Thanks to the internets, the price of sharing information has dropped significately to the point that even folks who are labled marginalized and suppressed can affort to share their information. The world isn’t going to hell, the information about the world is just more accessable thanks to cheaper ways to share information.

Hundreds of years of local cultures, local court systems built on community ideals, and reported crimes were built on the ideas of the world around them through a filter. Now we see how different areas of the country have developed their own perspective of what the world should’ve been allowed to do.

It’s not the internet’s fault that we are finally seeing reports of injustices and business practices. They were typically covered up by groups who see this as normal practices. It’s our localized developed ideas about what a community should look like that make people assume the world is going to hell.

Is this a essay to argue that we should do away with everything? Hell no. If you think this essay is about that, than you just feel suppressed for not being able to do something guilt-free.

If you think this is about making every part of the country(or world) have the same rules? NOPE-TO-THE-HELL. You clearly don’t understand the complicated histories of each part of a country that had to adapt to costs of economic trade and resources. Although, we do need to put more regulation on making the medical industry and police force serve the public instead of overlooking manslaughter based on assuptions. Two-thirds of that Bullshit still exists to systematically maginallize and ostrize people of color with the intent to stop them from engaging in any other communities. So much so that the (Prefix)-American cultures has adapted standards to be anxeity-inducing aggressive towards one and another in order being perfect representations of stereotypes. (Which ****ing help support the lies about a person’s race & sex being a indication of limited behavior.)


Look, I got somewhat off topic. The internet is doing the thing that it has always marketed as a service, helping people connect with like minded people. Knowing you aren’t alone is the best thing to feel when you are in a community that doesn’t see you as a resource. And it seems for hundreds of years a lot of people have been overlooked and suppressed in seeing there are other innocent people like them.

Now the internet is making information about other cities cheaper to distribute and with less editorial oversight (for now). Which means that the news that was not deemed important for specific news outlets in the passed can get passed those walls of normalized assumptions. And it turns out that a lot of areas of the country still have injustice because they have a cultural history of it and/or their justice system was built to interpret those incidences as allowed actions. Citizens are now able to compare how one county handles incidences against how another county’s handlings of incidences. BUT this is something that can play into the hands of those that think about strangers as stereotypes instead of as innocent people, also.

The world is not going to hell, we just don’t know how to improve everything on their own individual area’s pace. Our primal instincts scream at us that a ideal community should look, engage, feel, and smell a certain way; and that specific primal instinct is the cause of peoples’ suffering.

The world has long been allowed to be complicated. The most idotic thing we have been doing about that realization is to be a dick to innocent people. And if you want to argue that an idea of a stranger based on looks is they are not innocent before even knowing anything about them, then you just don’t want to feel guilty for what you would want to do to them if given a chance.

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