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Idea: Digital Content marketing with physical cards

I had a coworker who’s main passion is being a music producer. He works with a group out of his home studio and produces music for the artists that seek him out. 

At the time, he pointed me out to a service that allowed him to add his track to several different music streaming services. (Distrokid)

Now this allowed him to have the content available on commonly consumed platforms, but he would still need to spread the word out through other means. I’m sure his crew knows how to get the word out on their latest track but this is what I thought of…

A business card. 

Wait. Come back! Head me out.

Treat it like you are selling a burned CD of a album you just cut together.  Like any good hustle, the thing you are giving to someone is often shows only a fraction of what you have and also says you have more.

So, here’s the idea of marketing a digital audio track with physical business cards.

Using Vistaprint, Moo, or other business card printing services, you can make a business card that looks similar to this.

Marketing digital content on a business card template
  • “Track Art / Album image” to help person recognize the track on digital libraries.
  • “Track Name” to help search for it.
  • “Artist Name” to lead them to more online content.
  • “Genre of Music / Hashtags” to understand what type of content it is before diving in.
  • “Track URL” to allow the person to directly go to the website that has the track. If you have it on multiple websites and platforms, you can set up your own website page that list all the links to the other music streaming platforms. Services like will create a landing page that will allow the person to select the platform or website.
  • “Streaming platform name(s)” just to give the person a heads up on where it’s available.
  • “Artist website” you website to find more content or additional information.
  • “Blurb” just a small flavor text that give additional information of what you are about or what the track is about.

Putting all this information on a business card means it will cost less to spread the word and you can leave the cards out in select areas.

Plus they are also good for physically archiving your content.

Now this idea was made for digital music but you can also do this with video content, podcasts, written stories, and indie video games. 

Think about it like this, this is a business card that focuses on the singular content you want to advertise. So these business cards will lead people to the individual content and not just the general profile of you.

I know I will be using this for the big project content. Mainly because it will also give me a visible item that represents my efforts. 

(First posted on Patreon 1/17/2020)

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